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Preferential Procurement Automation

The Supplier Management System automates Preferential Procurement by matching supplier spend with B-BBEE scorecards pulled automatically from our scorecard database. It offers a wide range of reporting functions, scenario planning, and bulk communication to help companies manage the dynamics that make up Preferential Procurement.

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The SMS enables companies to assess impact on an existing Preferential Procurement scorecard based on various scenarios. For instance, a large strategic supplier may have indicated that they are a Level 7 contributor to B-BBEE, but upon the successful verification of their BBBEE scorecard they expect to achieve Level 4 compliance.

Perhaps your company may plan on increasing procurement spend on a supplier threefold, and it may wish to assess the impact of this increased allocation of spend on the Preferential Procurement scorecard.

The impact of this increased compliance level or change in spend allocation may be assessed by creating a scenario Preferential Procurement scorecard.

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